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I don't wear bracelets much but when I starting putting the ones I have on I realized how many I actually own... way more than I thought. I guess I just pick them up here and there but never really think about putting them on. I guess I'm going to have to add them into my thought process now.

Vintage gold faceless watch, vintage 'OK' bracelet, random $5 watch, H&M faux leather wrap bracelet, vintage stud bracelet, cross necklace.


Emma said...


where is my title credit?????

freya said...

you are copying chelsea and i. get your own identity. bye. 8=====D

freya said...

Btw I am just joking u r my fashion inspiration. I just put my hair in a high bun for u.

Victoria Jin said...

ugh, I don't wear bracelets a lot either, as they're quite annoying when trying to write in class!

your collection is quite funky though. i really like that watch!

Meghan and Lana said...


Style Realist said...

pickin things up here and there is sometimes the best method of collecting little treasures...great bracelets...


Katina said...

who the fuck wears bracelets

Ashton Kutcher said...

Nice bracelts man!

Unknown said...

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