I'm a free bitch, baby

I don't know how much more of the waiting thing I can do. A week today my life will be shattered into a million little pieces. My world will be turned upside down. My brain will melt and I'll die happy. Ladies and gentlemen, ONE WEEK until The Monster Ball. This post is mainly for me and gunsathome because I was getting tired of keeping only a mental countdown going. Get to spend some time with my best friend, get to do some shopping in the big city, and get to see the biggest bitch in the game. I think this week will be juuusttt finnnneeeeeee.

PS: I have a new layout (if you haven't noticed)
PPS: Stole the idea of the youtube video bar from CODY JUNE. These girls are great, give them a peek
PPS: As of Friday I'm obsessed with Glee


Katina said...

Welcome aboard, Gleek.

Remember when Gaga used to not be great but now she is

Isabel said...

GAGA! She played in Toronto a couple nights ago. I didn't know that until the day of the concert, or else I SO would have gone. I love that free bitch, baby.

June said...

i absolutely love you layout.wonderful work.


Raez said...

loveeeeeely layout. your header is amazing.

natalie said...

welcome to gleekdom! cool banner!

Justine said...

holy hell I'm going to be at that show too. it's going to be legendary.

OwlFace said...

and then lady g is gonna turn your million little pieces into a shiny disco ball. or perhaps a disco stick?

love the new layout.


Anonymous said...

Love love love the new header!

Emmet Garage said...

hi there! love the youtube post!

take care yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have a Twitter account?

Unknown said...

love the new layoutt.. oooh chiild.

have fun at gaga- so jealll

Emma said...

my dad thinks lady gaga is hot

i agree

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Betty Lee said...

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