Clarissa Explains It All

I recently found a download link for Season 1 of Clarissa Explains It All staring a young Melissa Joan Hart. I'm obsessed with anything 90's lately and this show is no exception. A little cheesy, but fashion wise, it's got the goods. So ladies, get out and pen and paper to take notes because Clarissa really does explain it all...

Key element to Clarissa's style: Dr Martens


The glasses! So avant garde

I swear to god they have that jacket at Topshop

This girl knew how to set. It. Off. I love the mix of patterns and putting colored tights under everything. Obviously the outfits are a little over the top, but I think there are some really solid pieces which definitely can be inspiring. (Also, as I was going through all the episodes I noticed they reused some pieces in different outfits which is pretty cool in my opinion) I'll leave you with the intro! See ya!


Emma said...

oh my GOD, SO GOOD.
I don't know why, but I remember her outfit in the intro so well. I was like obsessed with it.

mukelarvin said...

Too bad the skateboard dude pushed mongo. Otherwise that was pretty tight.

Nice and Shiny said...

I so remember this shiznit. Good, good stuff. Pretty much all I remember from this show is Mellissa Joan Hart and maaad pattern clashes, no idea if the actaul SHOW is any good.

Amazing post, thanks for reminding us all of the good times. Loving the new layout btw...


styles p said...

aaah i remember when i got a tour of her dressing room in like 1996..what i wouldn't give to be able to go back there right now haha

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

I think I just felll in love with your blog

katie dearest said...

such a great show
such a great post

Destiny Nicole said...

You have no idea how much i love that show, when sam would sneak into her room, and fergueson was such a meathead.
She has inspired me alot in weird way.

chelsea m. said...

egaaad i love this show!

Isabel said...

Care to share the download link?

Kb said...

Wow I love her floral top.

Ash said...

Brings back childhood memories!

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