So Young! So Cool!

Winnipeg is a generally small city, so when you come across a fashion blogger from here you've really got to keep your eye on them. A few months ago I came across Raez of Cheap Thrills. Mind blowingly cool and only (newly) 16. I looked back at my grade 10 year book photo and cringed thinking about how terrible I used to be back then. Needless to say, she just launched her photography blog and it's unreal. Perfectly captures the young lifestyle. Fun, edgy. I see great things in this future for this little lady.

Here's a few shots I loveeeedddddddd. I thought I would post them here even though she already has piles more followers than me. Well deserved, I might add.

Check out the rest at her blog I Like It Shiny. Give this girl a look!

Also... girl knows how to work

Give'er a look!


Katina said...

is pull teeth about underage semi nudes these days

Emma said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this girl is typical.
thirteen year olds in the suburbs of toronto do it better

Nyk Bielak said...

i think she lives in my area weird.

Nia said...

thanks love! i remember the first time i ran into you was at an aoki show (i think???) and you called my high bun fierce lol ;) cuteness

& raez is a babe! now that i'm home, let's thrrrrrrrift!

x Nia

Raez said...

HAHA. When I first clicked on your blog, i was like, hmm, thats familiar! & thanks for the feature, you me + nia need to thrift soon:):)

xx raez


Great post :)
love Cheap THRILLS!


Ana said...

Oooh I love this blog, definitely subscribing :) I noticed you sent invites to people on LookBook.nu. Can you please send me an invite? I don't know anyone on this site... And some people haven't even posted any looks, I definitely would. Here's my email: alonyc1@gmail.com I would really appreciate it! xx

Nature Graffiti said...

love this girl's photos... lady's got style
but i ADORE your blog... i'm definitely going to come back and pay another visit very soon.

Anonymous said...

I do looooove her blog.

Anonymous said...

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