Folk Fest

Just got home from the Winnipeg Folk Festival this afternoon with a mean ass sun burn. Saw some great music (Iron and Wine, Great Lake Swimmers, Neko Case, DJ Logic, Okkervil River, Mirah, a ton more) and some even greater friends! Here's a few of the shots I took over the long, long, long weekend. Enjoy!


Emma said...

high school musical? idgi

The Velvet Scientist said...

I love these photos. They make me want to do something summery.

Meghan and Lana said...

My greasy hair made a cameo! I love love loved seeing you, albeit too briefly and maybe too intoxicatedly on my part (once again, I'm sorry). Isn't the first step of AA apologizing to those you've hurt? If it is, I'm making huuuuge first steps.

x x x x


Kylie said...

These shots are bloody MINDBLOWING!! You are seriously amazing with a camera, these are just so gorgeous.

Sorry I didnt comment sooner, but HAPPY B-DAY, YO! I def thought of you on the day, I promise ;) Hope you had a fun night out, or whatevr you did hope it was fab!

ps- home now!

stefan said...

wowee those were unrealz

Anonymous said...

hey what camera did you use for these pics ?

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