hmmm so...

I'm thinking about making myself a pair of these Raf Simons shoes... It'll probably end up taking me 300 years to actually finish them but it might be a nice project to work on here and there. (kind of like my knitting, that went nowhere...) They retail for over 1k so buying the real deal is out of the question. Now finding an appropriate pair of white shoes is the real challenge here.

Wish me luck!


Stefanie said...

I can't tell how those shoes are made, is it like embroidered?
Either way they're awesome

stefan said...

!kcul uoy hsiw i

Alex A. said...

those are fantastic. im excited to see your version.... YAY

Nia said...

Good luck!
Are you actually going to attempt the embroidery? You could prob get a cool effect just with Sharpies ;) !

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am wondering what those black little things are though. They look like choco-granules, the ones you put on mufins, just that those are pitch black.

Kylie said...

Are those little stiches? Cool! Yeah 'd say a pair of white Keds would work well, and just slowly work on them when your watching tv or whatever. I think it sounds like a great project!!

Thanks for the sweet comment darlin! I'm glad you like my blog ;)


Katina said...

Shit those are wicked

This is Emma by the way. But I'm sure Katina agrees.

Meghan and Lana said...

wait what are you going to use? i'm so intrigued. i'm sure they'll look marv

Jordan said...

I cannot endorse your new layout.

Anonymous said...

this shoe is amazing.

brittanyalexis said...

these shoes are perfect. once you tackle this, you'll have to post a DIY sesh. i'll have to recreate a pair in women's shoes because like i said, PERFECT!

Unknown said...

This pocket of air, in my opinion, is what makes the cheap MBT shoes lighter on your joints. It creates a cushion when you are standing or walking. As for weight loss, I would give the cheap MBT shoe about a 5 out 5. I live where there are a lot of hills and decided I would test them in the natural instead of a treadmill.

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