Emma Roberts in GQ


Annyong said...

kind of trying to be miley but toned down in the slutty kinda way kinda she shoul dant be the topic of that gq when rpatzz looks 1 billion lightyears sexzeer

Emma said...

can't help it, I think she's a hot bitch
and not just cuz we share the same first name

Katina said...

I LOVE Emma Roberts.
I love her sfm.
I don't even know why.
Probably becaues of Nancy Drew and Wild Child.
But she is so fucking pretty, you can't deny.

Chip said...

I have to see Nancy Drew

discothequechic said...

uhmm GQ..17 years old aint all grown up, aight?

I'm 17 and it's something that I know and that club bouncers knoww.

cheap thrills said...

this is too sexual
she's like 12 !


Raez said...

love her in general, but not in GQ. urgh, she looks like a slut. an underage slut!

and dig your 'pegger blog too, babe. wanna trade links?


Anonymous said...

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