I was inspired!

I saw this photo on a blog yesterday and liked the idea, but wanted to do my own twist on it. At the thrift store today I remembered I wanted to do it so I picked up some black material that was perfect tote material for $3.99. I didn't think I would work on it at all today but 3 hours later I had this:
I found the zipper in my basement, took the buttons off a jacket in my do-not-want pile, and cut the straps off another bag I wasn't using!
The mouth lining is made from a t-shirt from the same pile as the jacket.
Open wide!
Next DIY project:

Who knows how I'll make it.. BUT I WILL!!!!


Stefanie said...

i'm proud of u! plus it's sf funny

Katina said...

Well done, friend.

dear dukes said...

I am going into the totes making business once I get my jewelry making scheme up and running.

That sweater should be easy enough to make.

Emma said...

chomp chomp

Andrew said...

Dear Dukes:


Kylie said...

This DIY is SIIIICK! Oh man I love it. I have this backpack saved in my DIY folder that has a face on it, kinda like yours. Pure awesomenss

And the hoodie, I know how you can do it! Check out a diy I did a little while ago about how to make foam spikes, it's super rad I promise! This hoodie was actually one of my inpirations for the project, so head over to AA and buy a humungo hoodie then deck it out with spikes!


Oh yeah, here's the DIY like if you want: http://niceandshiny.blogspot.com/2009/01/turn-me-into-inosuar.html

Frances Valerie said...

You're a genious ! I laughed when I saw the outcome of the tote. It's epic! You're epic.

Peace from Denmark.

/F. Valerie


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

totally black face.