The City Episode 4 Recap

Okay so this was a pretty boring episode, not going to lie. I still remarkably have a ton of photos so here goes nothing.
"There are Socials coming..."
Whit Whit had the same reaction as the rest of the world... really Olivia? Really?
General flirting
Whitney: "You look so pretty!"
Diane: "No I don't"
Home girl won over my heart in this episode. I hope she is a reoccurring character!
Cute Olivia face #1
Erin: "Thanks for making the bed"
Canadian Douche: "Well I did mess it up"
"If I do move here I'm gunna need a couch to crash on until I can't find my own place... and by couch I mean your bed"
This man is foul.
DVF Wonder Women party. If I was there I would sit next to a mannequin all night.
Introducing.. the boring one episode wonder... CHRIS FROM FINANCES!~!
"This is my friend Cosmo"
o ic
I swear to God someone has to be on their phone at work for it to be a true City episode.
Blah blah blah asks Whitney on a boring date.
Awkwardly accepts.
Olivia answering Whitney's phone... I'm starting to like this girl...
Reaction to going on another date. Translation: "no"
Cute Olivia Face #2
There was a whole boring dinner date with Jay blah blah he realizes other guys like Whitney. Time for panic mode!
"That's on lockdown, That's Jay's now"
Uhhh are you kidding me?
"She's a keepa, She's a keepa"
Cheers to being scared into a relationship and putting a girl on "lockdown"


Em said...

Yeah it was a really boring episode! When it ended i was like, wait? thats it? Im not sure what i think about jay and whitney. Maybe jay will stop acting like a jealous ass now that hes in a relationship with whit? Well have to see!

ps.. i loved erins outfit that she was wearing when her bf left in the taxi! So cuteee

Anonymous said...

Wonderful recap. I loved it when Diane VF appeared <3
The City is such a guilty pleasure. So good.

Nice new layout btw

Stefanie said...

hahaha this one is like a milli times better than the first one! congrats bb luv u miss u, didn't make ur bed, not sorry

Emma said...

I love Olivia.
The socials this was so fantastic.

Katina said...

I don't follow this show.