I've never watched Star Trek

OK So I cut my hair for my halloween costume which was:
Michael Alig inspired by Macaulay Culkin (see this post)
I had a very fun halloween. I went to ~the spot~ and saw lots of cool people/bloggers. Shout out, you know who you guys are ;). But as you can see in the photo I bravely wore platforms and in a drunken state I decided I could do basically anything in them, including running really fast. As you could probably guess it ended in a cut knee and a cracked cell phone. My knee is infected now but I can't say I'm surprised considering there was rocks and/or denim in the cut and it was cleaned out very half assed in the Pita Pit bathroom.
Oh and also I went for breakfast at Perkins today and it said Vanilla Coke on the menu so I got realllllly into it, but when I ordered it the waitress told me that it's only in the states. >:O But guess what I found at 7 11!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell yeah!!! They had Vanilla Coke. I felt super weird drunking a Big Gulp though... I felt like I was a character in a movie or something. Whatever.
Happy Halloween bitches! 
ETA: I just realized this is a blog entry of generally unflattering photos of myself, ugh.


Stefanie said...

ugh why can't you just move to vancouver and work at h&m with me FUCK
we'll have so much fun

discotheque confusion said...

oh myy the halloween costume is AMAZING!

and you cut your hair just for the costume? dedication!

i'm so jealous, my costume was such a fuck up.

tara said...

no way!
vanilla coke is back?
haha nice lipstick job btw.

Emma said...

you are ridiculous

Anonymous said...

oh my god the hair!!

dear dukes said...

I was impressed with the dedication you put into your costume.

Remember when I made you do laps? That was approximately 5 minutes after we officially met.


Meghan and Lana said...

you are the best party monster ever.
ps. i just had a hilarious flash of you freaking out on halloween night "OMG I NEED TO REAPPLY MY LIPSTICK" and then smearing it all over your face.
love love love