For the Xmas List!



leigh said...

man! rob came over with that yesterday.. sooo so cool. we were layering justice songs over top of it!!

Andrew said...

OMG!! Leigh that rules... I'm going to become a famous dj and all I'm going to use is that and shitty thrifted toys that make noise. Maybe I'll use my synth too... hmm...

The Devil's Child said...

No, what you NEED is to realize that material things don't get you anywhere.

Andrew said...

Neither does smoking weed or watching porn. Stop trolling and comment on someone who gives a shit.

The Devil's Child said...

Porn and cannabis are indeed wonderful things, but I sure as fuck don't 'need' them as you 'need' some useless device that you'll want to dispose of in 2 years in order keep up your rep by consuming toy after toy that the mindless people around you deem to be cool and necessary to fit in with your generation. If such materialistic, self centered trends continue to flourish in our time, we will surely be fucked in the future. [Luckily I won't be part of society at that time, but that doesn't mean I still don't care about others.] Although I hope to Christ that more individuals posses enough pride and security to avoid resorting to such pathetic trends.

I ask of you this, please remove your head from your ass and wake up. There are far more important things you can do with yourself than attempting to be edgy.

In addition, if you truly didn't give 2 shits you wouldn't have taken your time to read up on me, or respond to my comments, now would you? ;-)

Andrew said...

Wow thank you. Jesus has been resurrected as china, to inspire and preach to the blogger generation!

I'm glad that you took the word "need" so literally, as if my whole existence depends on this god damn toy. I realize what it is and excuse me for having an interest in a material object (shocking, I know)

I didn't "read up" on you, I skimmed through your tl;dr journal to see if there were any clues as to who you were, but realized quickly you were just a poor little troll :(

I look forward to your future words of wisdom, o holy one. Please guide me, as you know so much about me by reading about random crap I throw on the internet.

Katina said...

Chippy, this China person has a point.
You are going to be the reason for the end of the world.
You totally are trying to be edgy by posting blogs about Hannah Montana. China isn't at all by talking about anti-consumerist values.
We should all hope to be apart of this non-culture, material free society that China speaks of.

Stefanie said...

"Love doesn't exist. It's merely an addiction to serotonin.


an excerpt from the Gospel of China, verse #tl;dr

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