lets talk about this... shall we?

Alright, so I'm sure you've gathered enough from this poster to realize that Sam Ronson will be making her Winnipeg debut in a few weeks. When I first heard I was pretty excited because I wanted to check her out and she what she is all about, but as soon as I got to the event page I was completely over it.
First of all, same night as MSTRKRFT. Not their fault, whatever. But this is where I get angry... 
The tagline for the event reads "Lilo's GF" I mean, yeah. It's obvious enough that that's how most people DO know her, but it KILLS me how the event planners are capitalizing on it. It's super insulting to the artist, and who the hell is naive enough to pay $30 to see someone you have no intention of enjoying only to have the SLIGHTEST chance to meet Lindsay Lohan.... 
Then I go to the picture comments and people are being COMPLETELY ridiculous, saying things like "does anyone know what music he plays? or is he just famous for dating lohan?" and a reply with "Who cares? Is Lindsay going to be there or what?"
Well. That's Winnipeg for you. Rumor Willis was in town and people were shitting their pants. I can't even imagine what kind of stir the city would go into if Lindsay herself came. (which won't happen, mark my words)
Anyways, there is my rant. If the event planners read this, you guys suck. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything more anyways, I mean it IS Hifi. Catch you guys at the show! Actually, no...I won't.

Thanks Stefanie for some key points ;) Also, I think it's safe to say that this is the longest blog entry I've ever written. hahahaha


Stefanie said...

ia completely

and I'd like to emphasize what an insult it is to SammyRo to promote her show on the sole basis that she is in a relationship with a well-known celebrity. How rude.

Dick said...


freya said...

mark ronsons sister hawt

Brigitte Plouffe said...

totally off topic. but rumer willis is the ugliest person i've ever seen.

Meghan and Lana said...

i'll go for the coors light

Anonymous said...

i left this quote I found on the event page..

"She's not a particularly good DJ. When you see her DJ, she really looks asleep at the wheel. She'll smoke cigarettes and just click through the songs on her laptop," said Ian Drew, Us magazine's editor at large. "She's like the friend with a bunch of records that you had come over when you had house parties in your parents' basement. The more drunk or high you get, the better she sounds."

but they deleted it. figures. like you said, everyone will spend $30 to see this so called dj just because she's munching lilos rug. it's so obnoxious to use that as the tag line.

HiFi should plz gtfo.

Andrew said...

Brenden, I replied to your comment on the wall and I'm assuming they deleted mine too. I commented twice before and those were also deleted. I don't get how they can suck SO much...lol

Katina said...

Although I'd generally agree with you and I think that HiFi is lamesauce on a turd burger, I'm going in hopes that Lilo will be there and I can send her drinks and quote the parent trap to her face.
Also, I want a picture of me french-kissing her.
Sam Ronson will be a fine substite for the above three activities.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Samantha Ronson was known before the whole Lilo thing is the fact that she's Mark Ronson's younger sister. She makes less than mediocre music and I'm sure the same description can be applied to her "DJ" sets - I wouldn't feel too bad for her, she's been riding on coattails for years. It's what she banks on.

-the internet

PS. The reason this party is the same night as MSTRKRFT is because hifi can't deal with other bigger shows going on and feels the need to compete, in that regard, lamez.

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