irina's world

I just watched The Virgin Suicides (excuse the cliche) for the first time. It's left me with this crazy feeling...I haven't felt like this in a long time. I feel as if my insides are more dominant then ever...so hard to explain. Immediately after watching I saw this editorial of Irina. I think it acted as a cigarette would after a good lay... I can feel the pitter patter of my heart and I'm longing for some TLC. Who knows, maybe this is the 4th Coke Zero playing tricks on me.


queensofmachupicchu said...

Bless, bless, bless this spread and this post. This was even better than a cigarette, a glass of wine, French Vogue, new shoes, or clean sheets. It was almost as good as a good lay. Goodness abounds! I wish I was as arresting as Irina. At the rate you are going, I will not be as lonely this summer as I initially prepared for. Thank you. I understand the internal blank canvas as much as the next. Chin up, Chipper, your gem will come.

Hands to eyes, with much adoration.

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