My faith in humanity was on a definate landslide as of late. After having a great day with my best friend, while waiting for a bus that wasn't going to come in the sticky, gross humidity someone yelled "fag" out of their car window. Not anything new to me, but I was in such a terrible mood and it made it even worse. I just couldn't wrap my head around WHY someone would do that? Like really, I don't get how anyone can get personal satisfaction out of that...oh well.

Anyways, the day after a friend and I were walking through ass. park, on our way to Sergeant Sundae for ice cream. A guy who was walking past asked "are you guys going for ice cream?" I replied "I think so..." For some reason I had a bad feeling in my gut about it. He the responded with "here, take my change. We're going jogging and can't have any change." He reached out his hand and I was expecting a dollar or two and we got this..

It was over $8.00 in change. I don't know, it was just one of those amazingly kind things you hear about but never actually experience. So if this stanger is reading my blog, thank you for reassuring me that the WHOLE world doesn't suck.

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Stefanie said...

oh my god andrew! i just like shed a tear, no sarcasm :')